Helmet has DOT or Snell Designation?


This element consists of one combed block and it is used to record if the motorcycle driver’s helmet is either certified by DOT or Snell or both. There are only three valid values for this block and they are Y for Yes, N for No, and U for Unknown.


All motorcycle helmets sold in the U.S.A. must be DOT certified, but they are not required to be Snell certified.  A motorcycle helmet that carries both DOT and Snell certification may have gone through different testing schemes, but may not necessarily be superior to helmets that carry only the DOT certification, although many motorcyclists look for both DOT and Snell certification. 


The images displayed here show the DOT and DOT/Snell indicators on helmets.


A DOT approved helmet is marked with a DOT sticker, which is usually located on the back of the helmet.

A Snell approved helmet is also marked with a sticker. However, since the Snell certification process is stricter than the DOT process most Snell certified helmets will be marked with DOT and Snell stickers because they pass both standards.



When investigating a motorcycle crash and upon inspecting the drivers helmet, if it contains a DOT and/or Snell sticker then this item would be filled in as shown here.




If you need to know how to correctly fill in information for this item or to make a correction to this item please refer to the Completion Instructions section for combed blocks.