Utility Pole Number


This element consists of seven combed blocks and if the harmful event for this line is "23- Hit Utility Pole" you would then locate the ID number of the utility pole and record it here.  The ID number can usually be found at a height of 6 feet from the ground.



There are many types of utility pole identifiers as shown in the image to the right, and sometimes you will find more then one ID number on a utility pole.  If you should happen to find more than one ID number on a utility pole always use the top most or left most number.  Do not leave this item blank if a utility pole is involved, and if you cannot read or locate an ID number then enter "9"s in all seven blocks.


When filling out text please start in the left most block and use capital letters and stay within the lines using one letter per block.  If the ID number is longer than seven characters then just record the first seven and omit the rest, and then you may record the full number in the narrative section of the report on the AA 500 Page 5. 




The image below displays a utility pole accident and illustrates locating the ID number and how to record it in section 16.



If you need to know how to correctly fill in information for this item or to make a correction to this item please refer to the Completion Instructions section for combed blocks.